Maintenance Program

The safety of your family is priceless. Protect your loved ones and your home by having the experts at Knights Air complete comprehensive system tune-ups under the guidelines of our Red Carpet Maintenance Program.

The benefits of regularly scheduled maintenance for the performance of your heating and cooling systems cannot be overstressed. Industry experts agree that the longevity of equipment increases, rooms have more consistent comfort and overall efficiency improves greatly.

Our Red Carpet Maintenance Program is a bi-annually program that has efficiency-increasing and money-saving value because it includes:

  • bulletComprehensive Checks, Tests & Cleaning of All Equipment
  • bulletDiscounts for Program Members
  • bulletPriority, First-In-Line, Service
  • bulletNo Overtime Charges

Whether you’re a home or business owner, Knights Air Heating, Air Conditioning has a planned maintenance program to meet your level of need and financial comfort

When you’re ready to schedule heating and Cooling  system maintenance, call Knights Air Conditioning at 813-677-4014, or contact us today!