Who needs a repair manual when you can just figure it out yourself? Buying replacements or employing a handyman can be costly. Instead, with an assist from the internet, many DIY tutorials are now as accessible as ever. You would think people would get the hang of following directions and turn themselves into crafty specialists. 


What follows are some truly hilarious epic fails. Sometimes, you have to wonder if these people even tried, or if they gave up pretty early in the process. 

Without further delay, here are the Worst (And Funniest) DIY Repairs Gone Bad. 

When You Gotta Go

worst bathroom repair jobThis is a double whammy. The bathroom is not a place to mess around, especially when you gotta go. Not only was the toilet installed way too close to the threshold, but whoever couldn’t hold their bowels decided they were tired of squeezing through the crack in the door colliding with the porcelain throne. The measurements are completely off and starting over wasn’t an option. Credit to the perfect incision in the door, perfectly cut to fit the toilet bowl and seat through the opening. 


Meat Sweats

Oh, the fall season! 

A time for trees to shed their brightly colored leaves. What better way to celebrate this time of year than charming candles wrapped in a leafy exterior, festooned by knotted twine? This looks like a bottle covered in meat. Instead of utilizing nature’s natural sheddings, the creator found some leftover ham or salami, slapped it over a mason jar, and called it a day. If anything, this is a makeshift microwave, used to gradually heat up a late-night snack. 

Didn’t Nail It

Nail salons charge top dollar for their services. The process is time-consuming, often lasting several hours with technicians laboring to decorate follicles. The profession incorporates various steps and techniques. The more particular artists could take over three hours to perfect their beauty treatments. 

This person wanted a nail swirl and decided to completely disrespect the profession. Instead of forking over the cash to avoid guaranteed disaster, melted Crayons were optioned over polish, and toesies were unwisely dipped into the rainbow goop. Not only did the colors covers their nails, but it stained their feet as well. Maybe it was for a Pride parade, although attendants would definitely prohibit entry for this insult to beauty parlors everywhere. 

Tortured Artist

Achieving art is easier said than done. In this DIY, the artist pasted crayons extending across the color spectrum atop a canvas. The tips were heated and the melting color pigment descended down the white fabric. 

The person attempting duplication decided to take a blow torch to the crayons and the entirety of the display. There was no restraint on this one. After getting either bored or frustrated watching the colors trickle, the wannabe artist couldn’t comprehend that creativity is a tedious and sluggish process, instead opting to entertain while waiting for the results. All that remains from the cinders is the charred firewood that used to be the frame. Somehow, the fence in the background didn’t set fire. 

Frosty The Snowman, Was A Jolly Spooky Soul

It’s that time of year, where beloved holiday characters make their way from the attic and into the living room and front yard, spreading Christmas cheer for all to see and hear. One of the most cherished is Frosty the Snowman, the anthropomorphic character that gleefully wishes everyone “happy birthday”. 

This creation on the right should have been left in the attic. This horrifying mesh of darkened cupcake holders, sagging pipe cleaner, and an orange paper cone looks more appropriate for Halloween. There is an entire sub-genre to holiday movies that look at the dark side of the holidays, films that could easily feature this cobbled together abomination. 

Researching Structural Repair

Joists and beams are the constructions workers’ go-to for supporting ceiling cladding and walls from collapsing inward or outward. Places like Home Depot and Lowe’s exist for a reason, selling the necessary hardware to keep all applications in their right place. 

This bookstore owner or librarian wasn’t clued into these stores, opting to use the tools that they had at hand: aka a pile of books. Not sure what these volumes are keeping from crumbling, but seeing this warning probably isn’t great for business. Even more disturbing is the novel leaning next to the pile “Crash” by J.G. Ballard. Could the title be a preternatural prediction for things to come? Also, Google the book’s premise, it’s not appropriate for this post. 

Light It Up

In 1882, Thomas Edison introduced commercial electric lighting to Manhattan. Adaptation was slow, with most Americans still lighting their homes with gaslight and candles for another fifty years. In 1925, half of all homes in the U.S. had electric power. 

There was an easier way to fix this. Rather than replacing the burnt-out tube lights, this DIY’er decided to use duct tape and flashlights on hand to provide illumination in the room. After all, duct tape fixes everything. Two of the flashlights have a lamp option; the other is simply a single function. Not sure if this innovation would impress Edison.

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