Riverview and the surrounding Tampa Bay area has some of the best pizza places in Florida. The pizza here has influences from New York, Chicago, and the fusion flavors from Miami. There are a number of different ways that Florida locals like to craft their pizza, including a standard oven, a very hot brick oven, and a coal fire oven.

The 7 Best Tampa Area Pizza Places

Narrowing down the best pizza places near Riverview was difficult. There are some many great places to grab a slice. But, being the dedicated pizza eaters that we are, we were able to try several places. We selected four local small businesses, and three small franchises with local owners and a local feel.

South Shore Pizza And Subs

We are starting out with our personal favorite. Located in Ruskin, South Shore Pizza is often the first pizza place locals will recommend. And, at South Shore Pizza you get the freshest ingredients on your pizza in Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Sun City Center and Wimauma.

For a small shop, they offer a wide-range of other food options. Their pasta and wings are great, But wait, there is more, they have lava cake! And, they deliver everything on their menu. So, you can get that lava cake delivered!

And, the prices are great. A large cheese pizza will cost you $7.99.

The owner, David Williams, is a local. On their website, he says, “We guarantee you will love our food. If you do we want you to tell everyone you know how much you loved it. If for some reason you don’t let me know personally so I can make it right.”

Iti s located at 3026 E College Ave, Ruskin, FL 33570.

And, for more information, visit: southshorepizza.net

Diesel Pizza

Diesel is new and scrappy. They are a true hidden gem pizza shop. The owner came from New York and opened up a pizzarilla in a gas station. But this isn’t your typical gas station pizza. The pizzas are great! While most locals order takeout, there are tall tables in the common area if you feel like eating out.

If you want more than just pizza, they do have fresh salads and sandwiches. You can even get a small plate of meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy. And best of all, there’s a tasty dessert menu!

You can buy a pizza whole or by the slice. And there’s two sizes of pizza – regular and large. You can get a regular 12” pizza made gluten free at dinner. The large is 18”. There’s more pizza options for dinner than at lunch.

The dinner pizzas have fun toppings. The Diesel pizza has Luca’s meatballs with tomato, parsley and a provolone blend of cheese. The Premium has brie, figs, roasted tomatoes, braised onions and is topped with arugula, fig glaze and edible flowers. It’s too pretty to eat. Ok, not really. You’ll eat it all! You can also get additional toppings put on any of the pizzas.

It is located at: 8624 US-301 (corner Balm Riverview), Riverview, FL33578

And, for more information on Diesel Pizza, visit: dieselpizza.co

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings

Anthony’s is a more upscale restaurant specializing in a 900 degree coal fired oven that ensures a crispy crust. While it’s a chain, this location works hard to ensure a local flavor and make you feel like they’re a part of our community.

Just a quick note – this location only serves beer and wine. So if you see an awesome cocktail on the website, don’t expect to get it here. But if you like beer and wine, it will do just fine!

Anthony’s has simple speciality pizzas. And some are round, and some are square. The roasted cauliflower is a square pizza topped with cauliflower, garlic, romano, mozzarella cheese, and breadcrumbs topped with olive oil. The meatballs & ricotta is topped with just that on a crisp round crust.

You can also get the meatballs as an appetizer as well as coal fired wings, bread knots, and eggplant Marino (named after Dan Marino).

The menu also has a salad, three sandwiches, and cheesecake (New York style, of course).

It is located at: 1912 West Brandon Boulevard, Brandon, FL 33510

And for more information about Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, visit: acfp.com/location/brandon/

Pizza places near Tampa and Riverview, Florida that serve beer. Gasparilla Pizzeria & Growlers

Gasparilla Pizzeria & Growlers takes New York style pizza, adds in some local fun, and then mixes it all up with local craft beer.

They have standard pizza, including margherita, cheese, veggie and a delicious white pizza. Plus, they have a Cubano style pizza called the Gasparilla. And if you want a real Cubano, they have that too.

Then, there’s even a baked ziti pizza which you can enjoy in a small, medium, or large size.

There are other fun pizzas including the Breakfast Pizza with eggs, cheddar, mozzarella, bacon, and ham. They also have salads, pastas, sandwiches, and wings along with bread knots. You can also get stromboli and calzones.

They will deliver but only if you’re within a 7 mile radius. It’s located where Bella Pizza was, and before that, it was Joel’s Pizza. So they’re new and worth checking out.

Make sure you have friends with you because the portion size is huge!

It is located at: 1028 E. Bloomingdale Avenue, Valrico FL 33596

And, for more information on Gasparilla Pizzeria, visit: gasparillapizzeria.com

Shell Point Pizza

Owners Tom Mastascusa and Denise Sansosti both grew up in Italian families and bring that true Italian flavor to their pizza. As a boy, Tom worked in his mother’s pizza shop. So, he learned the business at a young age. And, from a young age, Denis was busy in the kitchen helping her grandma make class tasty Italian dishes.

So, they specialize in pizzapizza,but but  they also have pasta, sandwiches, appetizers, salads and we even have gluten-free crust. And, all the food and ingredients are fresh daily.

And, the local reviews are great.  On Google, Jeff Beeba said, “By far, the best pizza in the area. Fresh ingredients, cooked to perfection and the sauce and crust are excellent!”

So, if you are missing your Italian comfort foods, or if you’re just looking for fresh great pizza, give Shell Point a try!

They are located at 302 West Shell Point Road, Ruskin, FL 33570.

And, for more information, visit: shellpointpizza.com

Your Pie

Yes, it’s a chain. But, this was the original fast casual, brick-oven, customized personal pizza chain. And the location in Brandon is pretty darn good. Also, it is run by locals, and uses fresh ingredients ass well as homemade pizza sauces and salad dressings.

This is the best place to go when you have a lot of people who like a lot of different options. Your Pie offers vegan and vegetarian options along with gluten-free crusts. And, they even have a keto-friendly cauliflower crust. And, if you like a semi-deep dish, there is a bread bowl option.

Also, you can get chopped salads, pastas, and paninis. Then, for dessert, they’re known for gelatos and sorbets. Kids get a free scoop of ice cream and a drink included with their meal. But, if there are just too many options, they have some standard pizzas that you can choose.  These include, the Lineage pizza which has pepperoni, sausage, red onions, mushrooms, black olives, and green peppers.

Now, some people consider it a bit on the pricier side for the size of the pizza. But, if you want peace of mind, this is well worth the price.

It is located at: 125 East Bloomingdale Avenue, Brandon, FL

And, for more information about Your Pie, visit: yourpie.com

Cappy’s Pizza

Do you have friends and family that fight over New York style versus Chicago style? Then, go to Cappy’s and broker peace.

They have two sizes (12” and 16”) thin crust pizza, and the deep dish crust comes in three sizes (9”, 12” and 14”).

They have a base cheese pizza, a veggie pizza, and a Cappy pizza. The Cappy has sausage, ham, pepperoni, green pepper, onion, and mushrooms. Then, you add on additional toppings for a per item price. Also, they have calzones, cheese bread, and breadsticks.

So, most reviewers say the sauce definitely tastes like it was made from real tomatoes and not paste. One reviewer was a transplant from Illinois and was very happy to find a good deep dish pizza Chicago style.

Unfortunately, there are no dessert options, they do provide bubble gum at the end of each meal.

It is located at: 6260 Winthrop Town Center Avenue, Riverview, FL. Then, they also have locations in Tampa Palms, St. Petersburg, South Tampa and Seminole Heights.

And, for more information about Cappy’s Pizza, visit: Cappyspizzaonline.com


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So, how do you like your pizza? Let us know in a comment below.