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Hailstorm & Flooding Can Result in Serious Damage to Your AC System

AC units are constructed to endure climate, including rainfall as well as snow. Nonetheless, if your outdoor air conditioner is submerged in standing water from a torrential downpour, this may seriously harm the electric components inside. Your air conditioner has a greater chance of damage if the floodwater reaches level over a foot deep. Even if your system has flooded in any way, look for an air conditioning repair technician in Florida for an expert inspection.

If flooding has occurred or is most likely to occur, remember these directions to avoid damaging your air conditioning or creating hazardous operating problems.


Remember this Before Flooding

Don’t cover your air conditioner with a tarp. A plastic sheet will not protect it from water. Instead, it will trap dampness inside, resulting in corrosion, motivating mold and mildew development, and giving animals a place to hide.

When you are in a flood-prone area, research putting your air conditioning system on a raised platform. This boosts the device above feasible floodwaters and can save you inconveniences and expenditures after a rainstorm.

An additional method to secure your a/c device is to mount a maintaining wall around it. This framework can assist you to avoid air conditioning unit flooding, also as water flows around it. Likewise, you can load sandbags around the unit when you know a storm is on the way.

Precautions After Flooding

When the rain stops, you will want your ac system to dry out quickly. Eliminate standing water, when possible, and pick up any particles from the neighboring location.

Please do not operate the air conditioning unit until an HVAC specialist has physically evaluated it. Some issues need days or weeks to begin showing symptoms, so it’s optimal to keep your device switched off until you obtain the all-clear from an AC technology.

Schedule An Appointment Today With an Ac Repair Specialist

For a complete air conditioning inspection and safety check focusing on flooding, ask our professional Heating & Coolingexperts. We’ll see to it your HVAC system is running safely and successfully. If the system has been harmed, we might have to do further AC repair Riverview Florida. For a price quote, call us at 813-677-4014 or set up a visit online now.

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